Got the Munchies?

cheap lasik surgery Convenient on-the-go Cup Packed with Savory Ramen Noodles Infused with Cannabis.

Choose your Flavor With 4 different flavors of our Ramen Noodles infused with Cannabis you can now enjoy your Marijuana and attack the Munchies at the same time.


Buddodle Noodles

buy caverta 100mg A new type of Noodle,  Budoodle Noodles is packed with flavor and Infused with Cannabis for the 420 Lover!


Gas N Grass

Noodle Cup with Veggies flavor and Cannabis Infused.  


Heavy Heifer

Beef Flavored Ramen Noodles in a cup.  For that extra Kick infused with 150mg of Cannabis.


Red Eye Rooster

Chicken! Chicken noodles soup for the Cannabis Lover.  Red Eye Rooster is for you.


Roach of the Sea

Pass the roach, Roach of the Sea that is.  Shrimp flavored Ramen Noodles infused with 150mg of Quality Cannabis.


Budoodle Noodles, because we can!

Why noodles you ask, the questions should be what took so long?  Get the munchies while getting your munchies on.  Pick your flavor,  Red Eye Rooster (Chicken), Heavy Heifer (beef), Gass & Grass (veggies) or Roach of the Sea (shirmp).

Visit your local dispensary and ask for it!

They don't carry it? Call us and we'll make it happen.